How do you show possession in spanish in four different ways? | SpanishDict Answers
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I am taking Spanish two in homeschool and I need help expressing possession in four different ways in Spanish.

  • Please use the correct spelling and capitalization in your posts. - Issabela Oct 26, 2009 flag

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That helps a little, except it has to be four different poossessions for each one of the problems I posted. I'm sorry for not punctuating the first two posts properly. I don't normally write correctly unless it's for my English school work. Thank you for telling me to punctuate everything correctly.

  • Thanks for understanding, Bumblebee. It's just that this is a learning site and we have to keep everything looking good for our English learners. - --Mariana-- Oct 26, 2009 flag
  • I understand I just didn't think about that before. - bumblebee Oct 26, 2009 flag
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Maybe you mean this:

Mi casa es grande. (possessive adjective - short form)

Las reservaciones vuestras son a las ocho. (possessive adjective - long form)

Es la silla de él. (possession without a possessive adjective)

Tu coche es mejor que el mío. (possessive pronoun)

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Can you give us your attempt at the answer first, and then maybe we can help you?

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I'm having to retake the test for this section of Spanish 2 and the homeschool academy said I could get help from somebody or the Internet. I've been online all day looking for help and still can't find anything.

  • I'll ask again: please, use the correct spelling and capitalization in your posts. - Issabela Oct 26, 2009 flag
  • Bumblebee, you can't ignore proper capitalization and punctuation on this site. - --Mariana-- Oct 26, 2009 flag
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I'm not sure what you're asking exactly. Do you know what they are in English? Is it like his, hers, mine, ours?

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The expressions I have to show are for my jacket, Pablo's shirt, our car, and your suits.

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my jacket, Pablo's shirt, our car, and your suits.

Each one of these words can be looked up in the dictionary. We can't help with homework unless you've given it a try first.

Look them up and post your answers here. We'll take a look and help you with any corrections.


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already answered

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Here´s one for starters.

La camisa pertenece a Pablo.

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The only thing it keeps pulling up is "mi chaqueta". Believe me I wouldn't be asking for help if I hadn't already tried. I've taken the test once and failed.

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Here would be four different ways

to say that my parents house is blue:

1). La casa de mis padres es azul - My parent's house is blue

2). La casa suya es azul - Their house is blue

3). Su casa es azul. Their house is blue

4). La suya es azul. Theirs is blue

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Bumblebee said:

The only thing it keeps pulling up is "mi chaqueta".

You're right. That's a correct translation for "my jacket."

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Thank ya'll for the help. I think I've got it now.

  • Yippeee! Post your answers if you need us to proofread them. :-) - --Mariana-- Oct 26, 2009 flag
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Since it calls for four tranlations would "la chaqueta de mi", "la chaqueta mia", and "la mia" be right for the other three?

  • Are you sure each one needs four translations? I thought you needed to show the four ways with your four sentences? - --Mariana-- Oct 26, 2009 flag
  • You have one way already with "mi chaqueta" Now you can show the other three ways with Pablo's shirt, our car, and your suits. I don't think you need four ways for each one. - --Mariana-- Oct 26, 2009 flag
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Bumblebee - try reading this :-

Possessive Pronouns

  • Whoo-ooh!!!!! I managed to post a link!!!! - sheila-foste Oct 26, 2009 flag
  • whoo-hoo! There's no stopping you now *smile* - Izanoni1 Oct 26, 2009 flag
  • Took me ages - the question had been answered long before I worked it out :) - sheila-foste Oct 26, 2009 flag
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