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what is the translation of "sabila"? Is it really just "aloe vera"? I got directions to a friend's house in Vera Cruz and she said the trees in front of her house are "mucho sabilas". "A lot of aloe vera" doesn't really make any sense...

  • Posted Oct 25, 2009
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I didn't find sabila in this dictionary. It directed me to sibila.

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Aloe, también llamado áloe, sábila o Aloë, es un género de plantas suculentas de la familia Asphodelaceae con alrededor de 400 especies.

Sabila is just another name for Aloe. It is that plant with big "spiky", succulent, green leaves.

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what is the translation of "sabila"?

Perhaps it was misspelled. Here's a "sabina"

sabina de Virginia

If it was sabal....it could be a type of palm tree.

![ large aloe vera plant][2]

[2]: aloe

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Oh, I get it!

"dos arbolitos enanos y muchas sabilas"

= two small trees and a lot of aloe plants.


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