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hacer - to do tener- to have deber- to have to do something

Yet, I see one of these three verbs used in some sentences for... "to have to do something".

  • Posted Oct 23, 2009
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Hi lynch, welcome to the forumsmile

I don't see why you are including hacer in the list.

Tener que hacer and deber hacer is the same use, you are right.

Tengo que ir a comprar.

Debo ir a comprar.

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Hacer : To HAVE to do something. Tengo que hacer algo...I have to do something( I would use this to espress something that I abslolutely have to do)

Deber : To SHOULD do something. Debo de hacer algo ...I should do something ( I would say this as something casual and not of much importance, something that you can (should) but don't necessarly have to....

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what is the difference between the three verbs, hacer, tener, and deber?

Hacer generally translates to "to do", "to make", or "to build". It can also be used to note causation. It can be used in more contexts than these english terms are commonly used: To make music/plans hacer un poema - to write a poem (or translated literally, to make a poem) para hacer la carne

Tener translates to "to have" which can be used in the context "to have to do something." This creates a sense of simple necessity.

Deber translates to something closer to "should". The use of deber creates more of a sense of obligation

  • Thanks everyone...very helpful...and I have my first Spanish midterm tomorrow ! Thanks for your quick replies. - elynch Oct 23, 2009 flag
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