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Ok, so I know how to say it just kidding in spanish. But I think this is probably one of the most popular questions I get all the time. "How do you do say, ' I'm just kidding in spanish.' '' Soooo, the way I say it is, "estoy jugando", which literally translated is I'm playing, but of course in context most understand it as i'm kidding. BUT, what I would like to know is, who knows other ways to say "I'm kidding" in spanish. I think this will be an interesting thread with some cool responses. grin

  • Posted Oct 22, 2009
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Estoy bromeando.

to kid sb (ABOUT sth) tomarle el pelo a algn (con algo); he’s just kidding you on o along o (AmE also) around- te está tomando el pelo

b (deceive) engañar; who do you think you’re kidding?- ¿a quién te crees que estás engañando?;

you can’t kid me it was just an oversight- a mí no me vas a hacer creer que se te pasó por alto;

you’re kidding yourself if …- te engañas si …;

don’t kid yourself! ¡no te hagas ilusiones!; stop kidding yourself!- ¡desengáñate!, ¡abre los ojos!

  • I like this one: ¡no te hagas ilusiones! - --Mariana-- Oct 22, 2009 flag
  • Hmm... I've never heard that one before... I like it! - LAtINaPunKRO Oct 22, 2009 flag
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The first thought I had was what Nila said: Estoy bromeando.

But, thanks, DJ, it's great to know other expressions. I'll remember "estoy jugando" (goes into the mental file cabinet).

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Chiste, no más.

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Estoy bromeando (I am joking) Es una broma ( it is a joke)

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I like how this is going, keep 'em coming. I've never heard "broma" and "bromeando", where's that from?

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DJ said:

I've never heard "broma" and "bromeando", where's that from?

The verb is bromear.

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no te creas in mexico.. like "dont believe it" they say that all the time

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