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how do you say ' i love my boyfriend ' in spanish? please help :( x

  • Posted Oct 21, 2009
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  • Please note that it is mandatory on this forum to use correct spelling, grammar, and capitalization in your posts. - 00494d19 Oct 21, 2009 flag

3 Answers

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Amo a mi novio, Quiero a mi novio...

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"Me encanta mi novio" means "I love my boyfriend", but not in the romantic sense, so "Amo/Quiero a mi novio" is the right one.

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I would say "Me encanta mi novio" (pero me encanta mi esposo, entonces no digo "me encanta mi novio" mucho veces ;o)

  • whats that mean though? all the rest, - lozzbozz123 Oct 21, 2009 flag
  • Would "me encanta" be more "enchanted with?" I love the way it sounds. I would say "estoy enamorada con mi novio/esposo" - WITCHBELLA Oct 21, 2009 flag
  • "Amo a mi Novio"....yes!! - WITCHBELLA Oct 21, 2009 flag
  • the rest was "but I love my husband, so I don't say I love my boyfriend a lot ;o) but it sounds like I chose the wrong word for romantic love, "amo" would be better. - kittybrougha Oct 21, 2009 flag
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