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  • Posted Oct 20, 2009
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Ciudad de Panamá (Panama City)Panama Website

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Annabella, this is a question that you could have easily looked up online. Next time please try to do your homework yourself before posting for help on the forum.

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Annabella, Good question. Not everything is as it seems. Written word does not always represent the truth. Mariana, homework: Look up any historical map of Panama from the 1700s thru th 1900's and see what the capital is. Panama' is the capital of the country of Panama' located in the Province of Panama'. The city of Panama is not the same as Panama City which is a city in Florida, USA.
This has lead to confusion as to Panama City? or Panama' the country. This misinformation from the unfortunate naming of Panama City, Florida named with pride for the Panama canal, has by ignorance slowly eroded the true name of the capital, Panama'. Mexico is another city that falls into a similar trap although it is acknowledged as the official name and Mexico city is of convenience, not Mexico City. Note there is a difference between Panama city and Panama City. A better reference would be the city of Panama. Strange if Sacramento was called Sacramento City or Los Angeles, Los Angeles City. La ciudad de Panama es differente que La Ciudad de Panama, no

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