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I need some help on mí and mi.

Would one say "Mi modelo" or Mí modelo"?

Just some accent mark confusion raspberry

  • Posted Oct 18, 2009
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3 Answers

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Mi is a possessive adjective and translates as my. Mí is a pronoun that is the object of a preposition rather than a verb and translates as me. Me is a pronoun that is either the direct or indirect object of a verb and also translates as me. Mia/mio(s) is a possessive pronoun and translates as mine.

  • mío /mía can also be long form possessive adjectives perro mío...my dog - 0074b507 Oct 19, 2009 flag
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Mi modelo. No tilde on the possessive.

With the tilde it's an indirect object, i.e. para mí

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"Mi" (no accent) translates to "my", as in "my friend/mi amigo". "Mí (with accent) translates to "me" as in "for me/para mí".

Hope that makes sense.

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