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I want to know what Las Vegas means in spanish i saw that in english it means the fields, but what does itmean in spanish?

  • Posted Oct 18, 2009
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  • Please use proper capitalization and punctuation in your posts. Thanks! - --Mariana-- Oct 18, 2009 flag
  • It means meadows/watery meadows. - baysofblue Feb 26, 2014 flag
  • Though the question is worded a bit odd.... - baysofblue Feb 26, 2014 flag

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I'm not sure what you mean by "In English it means the fields". In English "Las Vegas" means nothing. In Spanish in can mean "the fields", "the plains", or "the valleys".

  • Interesting; I don't think there are any fields, plains, or valleys in Las Vegas today. - fatchocobo Oct 18, 2009 flag
  • There is a Las Vegas, NM. Fertile plains; meadows discribes it well. - detroitdad Mar 30, 2010 flag
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Las Vegas is "the meadows". wink

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I think Chamar is close - I had it explained as "the wet places" in other words a place where things could grow.

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Clipped from Wiki article: Las Vegas

The first reported visit to the valley by someone of European descent was Raphael Rivera in 1829.[4] Las Vegas was named by Spaniards in the Antonio Armijo party,[5] who used the water in the area while heading north and west along the Old Spanish Trail from Texas. In the 1800s, areas of the Las Vegas Valley contained artesian wells that supported extensive green areas or meadows (vegas in Spanish), hence the name Las Vegas.

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Wait, wait, wait.. Las Vegas is a Spanish word and can be translated into English. If you mean to ask what Las Vegas means in English, I can tell you that. It means “the meadows”.

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