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I am trying to compile a list of stem changing -ar verbs, because they don't seem to follow simple patterns like the -er and -ir verbs, and I have not been able to find a "complete" list on the net. I have used [] to mark words derived from other words in the list.

-ar e->ie

acertar, alentar, apretar, arrendar, [asentar], atraversar, aventar, calentar, cegar, cerrar, cimentar, comenzar, concertar, confesar, [denegar], [desconcertar], [desenterrar], [deshelar], desmembrar, despertar, [desplegar], desterrar, empezar, [encerrar], encomendar, enmendar, ensangrentar, enterrar, [entrecerrar], errar, escarmentar, fregar, gobernar, helar, invernar, manifestar, mentar, merendar, negar, nevar, pensar, plegar, [precalentar], quembrar, [reasentar], recomendar, [recomenzar], [reencomendar], [refregar], remendar, [renegar], [replegar], restregar, reventar, segar, sembrar, sentar, serrar, sosegar, soterrar, [subarrendar], temblar, tentar, tropezar

-ar o->ue (go->güe)

acordar, [acostar], agorar, almorzar, alongar, amoblar, aporcar, apostar, [aprobar], [asolar], avergonzar, [circunvolar], colar, colgar, [comprobar], concordar, [consolar], [consonar], contar, costar, degollar, [demostrar], denostar, [desaprobar], [descolgar], [descollar], [descontar], descornar, descontrar, [desencontrar], desosar*, [despoblar], discordar, encomendar, encontrar, encordar, engrosar, [escolar], forzar, holgar, hollar, mostrar, poblar, probar, recordar, [recostar], [reforzar], renovar, [repoblar], [reprobar], resollar, [resonar], [revolcar], rodar, rogar, solar, soldar, soltar, sonar, soñar, tostar, trocar, tronar, volar, volcar

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Caramba, hombre! Esa lista que tienes es sumamente impresionante!!!!!!

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Ustedes no desean toma la clase de física

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[abnegar], [acerrar], [acertar], [acimentarse], acomendar, acresentar, adestrar, aferventar, aherbar, aherventar, albeldar, aliquebrar, amelar, amenizar, amentar, aneblar, apacentar, apernar, apertar,

[aclocar], [acolgar], [acollar], [acontar], acornar, afollar, aforar (de fueros), ajorar, amolar, amostrar, amover, [antemostrar], anzolar, [apercollar],

This is going to take some time, I can pick it up tomorrow...

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Lorenzo, if you have other questions similar to this you might want to look for:

Manual de la Conjugación del Verbo, published by Veron Editor and redacted by Caridal Oriol Serres. ISBN 84-7255-169-5. I have the third edition, printed in 1990, which contains some mistakes.

It lists 63 models of irregular verbs and the rest of the book simply lists 12,290 verbs along with the number or the corresponding conjugation model.

There are 12 classifications of irregular -ar verbs by the way.

It's pretty chévere.


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