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In Texas it has been cold and raining, I am looking forward to Halloween, Thanks Giving, and Christmas. We will have a home filled with family from South America, lots of Spanish will be spoken and the house will be filled with good food, friends and joy. I was wondering which holidays you look forward to.

  • Posted Oct 12, 2009
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Just one thing David... in Spanish "estación" refers to summer, spring, winter, fall. Maybe what you mean is "celebración".

BTW, my favorite season is spring!!!!

  • Good eye Benz. I read too fast and missed that wording - nizhoni1 Oct 12, 2009 flag
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I'm originally from South America (Chile). I look forward to Christmas because it's a family gathering party just like Thanksgiving is in America. I also like New Year's eve, we have dinner on the 31 around 10 pm, we hug at midnight, and there's different traditions depending on the country you come from. Some people would eat 12 grapes at midnight, ot a tablespoon of lentils, etc...then at 3:30 we went out to dance until 7 or 8 am...but this is Iowa so we hug and then we go to sleep :S

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I live in Dallas, Texas. My favorite season is Spring. It used to Winter until I got older. Now that my marriage didn't work out and my career didn't work out and so I changed them both.....it just feels really cold in the winter. but not in Spring. I look forward to Spring. I'll hide until then. tongue wink

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Me gusta otoño. Pero, antes de que sea demasiado frío.

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Cuando yo era un joven adulta que amaba la fiestas de disfraces en la escuela de arte que atendí.Los días de fiesta en familia grande son atenuados para mí como yo vivo más de 1200 millás de la mayor parte de mi familia.

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Im from South America too! from Argentina! and I look forward to Christmas too... I see we share most of our traditions with Chile (we're neighbors!!). In Argentina we also gather with the family and have Christmas Eve dinner at around 10pm. At 12 we hug and drink champagne and open presents Santa (our Papá Noel) left right at midnight. The kids enjoy it a lot. There are also fireworks!!! My little girl loves that part!! (not my dog). Some people, especially the young, go out to dance and come back home for breakfast. Others stay home with the family and chat until late. I just wish it wasn't sooooo hot!!!!

Hope it helps!!

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Mi estación favorito es verano porque no escuela! wink (summer counts as a holiday in my book)

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