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Many places in Spain are called "capistrano", what is the meaning of this?

  • Posted Oct 11, 2009
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As far as I know, it's the name of a city in Italy.

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It is an old Italian name. "Strano" means strange and during the time period when surnames were adopted, various suffixes were added to people's names in Italy differentiate between families with similar names. Someone with a name like Capitano (several variations are Italian surnames today) probably moved to a town where a Capitano family already lived and the new name stuck.

Alternatively, "capi" means understand in Italian, so it could come from "understand strange", like a translator, and the orginal Capistrano was an early forerunner of ItalianDict.com.

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San Juan Capistrano is the name of two Missions, one in California and the other in Texas. The literal meaning is Saint John of Capistrano. Capistrano is in turn a city in Italy. St. John of Capistrano lived during the 15th century.

One probable reason for the naming of the California Mission could be that the swallows that are home to the area supposedly migrate on October 24th, the day of St. John's death.

  • Not that many places in Spain are named after places in the States! - LateToDinner Jun 27, 2010 flag
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It all seems a bit confusing. There are two different cities in Italy: Capestrano and Capistrano.

Wiki says that St. John took his name from the city of his birth: Capestrano, but his name was: Giovanni da Capistrano.

I love the accuracy of Wiki. This wiki article says that his name was Giovanni da Capestrano and he was born in the village of Capistrano. (just the opposite of the other article).

Anyway, he was Italian. I'd welcome you to the forum, but this article seems to be a few years old.

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Isn't it someplace that swallows fly back to? The birds? :D

  • That's a city in California: San Juan de Capistrano. But the orinal name comes from the italian city. - 00e657d4 Oct 11, 2009 flag
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does capistrano mean presious butterfly in spanish

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