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How would you say "Put on your shoes"? to a child.

  • Posted Oct 7, 2009
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  • So " Ponerse los zapatos"? - HPuck Oct 7, 2009 flag
  • wouldn't you say 'out your shoes on' in the first place? - zenejero Oct 7, 2009 flag

7 Answers

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Pongas las tenis, or whatever your word for shoes is where you live. We call sneakers tenis. We call shoes zapatos, which is universal all over the latin world. Again, that's what we say around here. Your vocabulary where you live may be different. wink

  • not really. it would rather be 'Ponte las tenis, zapatillas', or whatever word it is. Pongas is the wrong conjugation. - zenejero Oct 7, 2009 flag
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My attemp would've been "quitarse los zapatos"

  • Quitar is "to remove". But you're in the right mental area. - Jason_Bryant Oct 7, 2009 flag
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Good try, wrong verb. Quitarse is to take off. Ponerse is to put on. Heidita has more words than I do, and can advise you better than I could. But I vote you for the effort. I always vote anyone who even tries, no matter how far off it is! wink

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Ponte las [zapatillas, botas, zapatos, tenis].

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cmon Puck, and your own attempt is....????wink

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Cuir ort do bhrògan. I couldn't resist. I had to say it in Gàidhlig.

  • lol...you bring the most needed thing aroung here...humor! - ChamacoMalo Oct 7, 2009 flag
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Ponte los zapatos.

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