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What is the English translation?

  • Sorry Kenbo looks like you'll have to wait for a expert. - eric_collins Oct 7, 2009 flag
  • With the accents it means "Yes, why not?" - ian-hill Oct 7, 2009 flag

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Yes, why not

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I may be incorrect, but from what I understand it essentially means, "Yes, of course." Don't forget to use 'un accento' for the i. Without the accent it does not retain the same meaning.

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Mabye "If I don't eat"?

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Yeah, right.

¡Sí como no!

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Hey Mister I know everything it was a guess, if you don't know the definition for "Guess" look it up! mad

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I think, that there is no exact definition on this phrase. Depending on the situation, you can use it in many ways. If I am flirting with a girl she may said: "si, como no" and it can be translate to: "yeah, you wish" "yeah, in your dreams' . Me entinden???

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