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How to say. (Today is) in Spanish?

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Try putting "Today is Friday" into the translater at the top of this page and you will get your answer

  • Hoy es... I would rather have seen Estamos a... I'd recommend a dictionary where you get sample sentences rather than that translator. - 0074b507 Oct 4, 2009 flag
  • ?? - ian-hill Oct 4, 2009 flag
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How to say. "Today is Saturday" in Spanish?

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Is it really so difficult? At least give it a try. rolleyes

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'today is' translates to 'hoy es'. 'today is saturday' translates to 'hoy es sábado'.

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This brings to my mind the use of "el día de hoy" for "today". I use this to say that I will so something or complete something -- today.


1.) "Voy a lo terminar el día de hoy"

2.) "Voy a lo terminar hoy"

(I am going to finish it today.)

I always use "el día de hoy" and not just "hoy" as in #2 above I never use. Any thoughts or comments?

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People, just give the guy a answer! (Not all of you)


Hoy es lunes Hoy es martes Hoy es miércoles Hoy es jueves Hoy es viernes Hoy es sábado Hoy es domingo

Buena suerte.

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