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After reading a question from Guadalmar25, I was inspired to start a thread about synonyms and antonyms. I think this would be a good way to improve our vocabulary.

So here goes: The word is calm. If each person gives only one synonym or one antonym per post, it would give more people the chance to answer. Wait a little while before you post a second answer (if you have one.) Please use only Spanish since the goal is to build our vocabulary. Make sure you let us know whether it is un sinónimo o un antónimo.

Thanks in advance for your answers. I hope you enjoy! LOL

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Un antónimo de calmado (calm) es nervioso.

  • When we change the word, "calm" or whatever... - Carlos-F Oct 1, 2009 flag
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un antónimo -estresado(a) (means "stressed-out) gulp

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Un sinónimo de calma es tranquilo.

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Un sinónimo de calma es relajado(a).

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un antónimo de calm=bullicioso(a) or boisterous

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un antónimo de calma es ansioso o ansiedad (the author probably should have told us whether calm was a noun or an adjective) .

  • Sorry, you're right. I was using calm as an adjective. - Nicole-B Oct 1, 2009 flag
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Un sinónimo de calma es sereno (a)

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Sosegado (synonym)

Intranquilo (antonym)

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Un antónimo de "calmado" ("calm") es "disgustado" ("unhappy", "disgusted").

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En esta web tenéis el diccionario de sinónimos y antónimos más extenso: Sinónimos y antónimos Espero que os sirva!

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