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When two people meet and one asks, "?Que esta haciendo?" what does that really mean, Please.

  • Posted Sep 30, 2009
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It really means, what are you doing. It can also mean "what's up." wink The other way to say that is "Que Haaaccccceee" all long and drawn out like that...it's "what's up."

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If you´re interested, you might want to take a look at


For tips on how to type in español if you´re looking to type the tildes and ñ´s.

Just a thought. grin

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What are you doing? is what it translates to.

¿Qué estás haciendo? Informal

¿Qué está haciendo? formal

The last one can also mean -what is he or she doing?

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A "hacienda" is an estate, or a piece of land. "Haciendo" is a gerund form of a verb (and "-ing" form in English). They have nothing in common and are not related in any way.

¿Qué está haciendo?

Means "What are you formal/he/she/it doing?"

¿Qué estás haciendo?

Means "What are you doing?"

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Chileans would say (informally, without following standard rules, but widely used in everyday conversations): "¿Qué estái haciendo?"

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In most cases, we just say "¿Qué haces?"

To say "haciendo" in this context sounds like a direct English-to-Spanish translation. We would only use the continuous form of the word "hacer" if we wanted to know what someone was actually doing and only at that very moment of asking.

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  • What is a ranch?
  • You are thinking of "hacienda". "Haciendo" is entirely different. :)) - Noetol Jun 22, 2012 flag
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A ranch es un ranchito. Mi amigo vive en un ranchito. wink

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it means "what are you doing"

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I thought hacienda meant house? Does it change hacienda's meaning when it is in the form of a question? "Que esta haciendo?"

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¿Que está haciendo? is Spanish for "What are you doing?"

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A: ¿Cómo está la hacienda?

B: Muy bien. Estamos creciendo seda dental y mangos genéticamente modificados.

A: ¡No me diga!

B: Es verdad.

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