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What does, "te quiero mucho" mean? Is it 'I love you?'' I thought te ammo ment I love you?? And what exactly does the word "linda" mean??? Thank you

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"Te quiero is more of a "friendly love" and te amo is "romantic love". "

That is true, generally speaking, but those terms can and are used interchangeably all the time. Husbands tell wives "te quiero" all the time and although it's not as common to have friends tell each other "Te Amo" -especially males- there are people who do. I just had a female friend say it to me 2 hours ago, and it's totally understood as affection, not as love or lust. I have also heard lots of mothers say "Te amo" to their young kids.

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Te quiero and te amo can both mean "I love you" And linda means pretty / nice. Have a look in our dictionary. And mucho means "a lot"

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Te quiero is more of a "friendly love" and te amo is "romantic love". You use te quiero with friends and family. You can also use it with a partner that you have been with for a long time.

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Te quiero means: "I want you" Te amo means "I love you" Mucho means "A lot" Linda means "pretty/beautiful"

I can say this, 'cause I'm Brazilian. And brazilians can understand a lot of words in spanish, 'cause they are very similars

Obs: Te quiero and mucho is a spanish words. And "te amo" is a portuguese words

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"Te quiero mucho"se usa en el ámbito familiar : Es algo que puede decir una madre a su hijo , el marido a su mujer,...

Y también en las relaciones de pareja.

"Te amo" solo lo puedes escuchar en las telenovelas que las televisiones ponen para las abuelas .

"Linda" es un adjetivo muy anticuado que tampoco se usa.Son términos del siglo XIX.

Si le dices a una chica española:"¡Qué linda estás!" ó "¡Te amo!" te puedes ir despidiendo de ella. Aunque probablemente primero se muera de la risa.

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"Te quiero" is also sometimes understood to be more of a 'casual' or 'common' way to say "I love you'- a little like 'love ya!' (though that's certainly not true 100% of the time). "Te amo" is sometimes considered a little more poetic, but TomBurgos is right, they are both used interchangeably. Also, "linda" is usually an adjective and has been translated above, but it can be used as a noun too- sort of like in English when somebody says, "hey beautiful". They could be understood as saying "hey beautiful lady" but the "lady" is implied. It can work similarly in Spanish with "Te quiero mucho linda".

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