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What does "el jarrito" mean in English?

  • Posted Sep 29, 2009
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There is a translator box at the top of the page that will translate any word for you.

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What is going on here.???


njw8 became a member today. In next to no time at all, she posted a question without offering any attempt personally to suggest an answer for others to verify.


njw8 appears to have attempted none of the lessons and gives no indication of having read the forum rules/guidelines.


While her profile page suggests a mature female (i.e not elementary or high school), that does not necessarily indicate that this is not her homework.


Our forum rules/guidelines expect users to try to develop answers on their own before we simply give them answers they have not researched or attempted for themselves.


All members must commit themselves to the Forum Guidelines found at

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We must present a common front or we must all just ignore the rules and allow chaos to to be the rule.


  • you got issues - pat76 Sep 29, 2009 flag
  • You betcha, Pat. You might like to become aware of the rules. Look here "http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/5328/rules-and-guidelinesreglas-del-foro". Work with us here!! - Moe Sep 29, 2009 flag
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The suffix of -ito or -ita suggests a diminuative version of something. For example if we were talking about a kitten, we would say gatito. Or if we were talking about a vase, we would say vase-ito. In the future, please refer to the translation box for a simple translation.

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I vote for jar or a little one.

  • Yes, "jarrita" is little jar. Right again gus! - Daniel Sep 29, 2009 flag
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It is literally a little jar.

However, it should be known that Jarritos is a popular soft drink in Mexico (and some parts of the U.S.)

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