I need a Spanish word that begins with "w" for my Spanish homework. Are there any? | SpanishDict Answers
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I am a student and I am taking a Spanish class. We got assigned a project where we have to make a chart of the Spanish letters and underneath them, in a box, we have to write a word that begins with the letter and a picture of it. My only letter left is "w." I really need to know a word that begins with the letter "w".

  • Posted Sep 29, 2009
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Holy Translators, Batman. Look to the top of your screen and type in the letter w. Lets see what pops up! grin

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I don't think so either. When I went to my Oxford Spanish-English dictionary, there were only 14 words, and all a little "suspect" ....like "waterpolo", "web", "walkman", "whisky"....and here is a cool one... "windsurfista" (for "windsurfer")

When I typed in a w in our dictionary here to see what auto-suggest would pop up with...it came up with "whiskería" a feminine noun for ... "bar where hostesses chat with clients" wink

I remember having an assignment in high school Spanish class to come up with a word for every letter. I think everyone had the exact same word for w..."whisky"...(also in my dictionary)

  • Windsurfista is cool! - quépasa Sep 29, 2009 flag
  • These were in the spanish dictionary? That sounds iffy lol. - Vince_Peña Sep 29, 2009 flag
  • yeah, pretty cool, I hope Spanishelee uses that one! - arnold3 Sep 29, 2009 flag
  • Yeah, like I said, the Oxford Spanish Dictionary, but it's clearly like the other guys says...these are all pretty much "borrowed" words. - arnold3 Sep 29, 2009 flag
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I looked this up just recently. The website that I found said that 'w' and 'k' weren't really native to the language. They were just used for words from other languages that had been adopted into Spanish.

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I looked this up just recently. The website that I found said that 'w' and 'k' weren't really native to the language.

This is true of many languages, the letters 'v' and 'w' are interchangeable (often by regional accent rather than differences in spelling of words) ... you can hear the word "vodka" pronounced as "wodka" or "wagon" pronounced "vargon" ... same with l's and r's as you go further east.

As you pronounce V as a B in Spanish, in Russian it's reversed, you pronounce B as a V! So where you see the word водка, you don't say "bodka" (the д gives you a 'D' sound) you say 'vodka'.

  • omg....da da....actually alot of the consonants in Russian are not pronounced quite the same... there are three "sh"s, and none are exactly like how English speakers make the sound. Spanish is so much easier. - arnold3 Sep 29, 2009 flag
  • I like "I'm going to the pactopah" after seeing the wrod "Ресторан" (P=R, C=S, H=N = Restoran = Restaurant!) - AnnoLoki Sep 29, 2009 flag
  • da, ya tebya ponimayoo ;-) - arnold3 Sep 29, 2009 flag
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My favorite Spanish word beginning with W is "waflera" (waffle iron)

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I don't think there is one. Actually I'm pretty sure there isn't.

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Press 'w' in the translate box at the top of the screen and wait for the popdown suggestion box

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Lol I guess whiskeria

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