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How do you say "awesome" in spanish? I have looked it up and I keep getting different answers.

  • Posted Sep 29, 2009
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  • imponente it is an adjective meaning inposing or impressive - GrayGhost Sep 29, 2009 flag

9 Answers

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I'd say 'chido' which means cool or 'vaya' which means you're surprised (pleasantly) by something.

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Our dictionary says the following.
Try it out it is very good.

awesome [ˈɔːsəm] adjetivo1. sobrecogedor(ora) (incredible); alucinante (familiar) (wonderful) (Estados Unidos), macanudo(a) (Andes, RP), padrísimo(a) (español de México)

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Or you can use: fantástico, meaning fantastic.

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"A toda madre", although "a todo madre" is more common.

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My dictionary use imponénté an adjective meaning imposing or impressive

  • Los letras "E" no necesitan las tildes sobre las letras. Solamente "imponente". - Moe Sep 29, 2009 flag
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I assume you mean awesome as slang (like, "cool"), not the more literal or literary useage (awe-inspiring). If so, as you probably know, slang is very regional. You've received answers from some who take your question one way, and others who chose the other option. For example, "chido" is used in Mexico, maybe other latino countries. I think they say "cheve' in Puerto Rico, although I'm not sure. A good question!


  • sí, se dicen "que chiva" en Puerto Rico - lovlee1893 Oct 5, 2010 flag
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I would say "genial" or "chévere"!

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I use imponente more then the others but I suppose it depends on the context.

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you could use 'guay' meaning cool?

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