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Grammar for Spanish. When do you ask "¿Adónde?" compared to "¿Dónde?"

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There are three forms of "Dónde" to watch for. They are:

¿Dónde? Where?

¿Adónde? To where? , and

¿De dónde? From where?


SpanishDict has a reference page for "Question Words" at:


This is a good page to refer to as are all of the Reference pages.

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The word "dónde" means where. It is often accompanied by a preposition in order to help express a question regarding "place".

In the case of "adónde" the "a" is attached to the word in order to ask "to where". Here are examples using one of each:

  1. ¿Dónde está Juan? (Where is Juan?)
  2. ¿Adónde fue Juan? (Where did Juan go to?)

Other prepositions can be used along with the word dónde. Each gives the word a slightly different meaning. Here are some examples:

  1. ¿De dónde es Juan? (Where is Juan from?)
  2. ¿Por dónde caminó? (By which way did she walk?)

Hopefully, this answers your question.

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I'm so glad this site is around. I love how much real Spanish learners help. They have the ability to explain things they way they need to be explained.

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¿Adónde? is to where and ¿Dónde? is where.

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