What is there a difference between "Me gusta" and "Me gustan"? Is one use of the words for speaking properly and the other for casually speaking? Could you give me some examples how the two phrases would be used?


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Gusta is used is a singular conjugation of the verb and requires a subject that matches it in number.

Gustan is a plural conjugation and requires a subject that matches it in number

For example:

Me gusta el libro

Me gustan los libros

Here is a link to the reference article for this topic Gustar like verbs



Your question can be answered by watching Lesson 1:6 of the Learn Spanish video series.

For now, I will tell you that the difference has nothing to do with being formal or casual. Rather, it has to do with the fact that one is singular and one is plural.

Me gusta means that something is pleasing to you. For example: "Me gusta bailar", which means dancing is pleasing to me. In this case, dancing is singular, so the third person singular conjugation of "gustar" is used.

The second example would be "Me gustan los animales." In this example, animals is plural, so the verb "gustar" is conjugated to the third person plural.

I know this is a very short explanation and I hope it helps. However, you would be much better off having Paralee explain it for you in the video. Believe me, she does a much better job. smile



They mean the same thing except one refers to a singular topic and one refers to a plural topic.

For example,

Me gusta la banana.

Me gustan las frutas.

  • If "la banana" then "las bananas", not "los". By the way, does anybody know, in what countries they use "el banano" or "la banana" and in what countries "el platano"? - Maciek071 Sep 28, 2009


That was the same question i had about 3 days ago. big surprise

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