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i'm doing a spanish homework assignment and i need to know what spanish words begin with or have the letter "ll" in them so can you please help me? thanks

  • Posted Sep 28, 2009
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If you use the website's dictionary tool and type in "ll" you'll be able to scroll through some of the words that begin with "ll" using the toolbar on the left.

After that you can put in "lle," "llo," and "llu" to see what other words begin with those combinations.

Click here for dictionary.

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My new fave... embotellamiento

llevar llama lluvia el valle

I'm sure the dictionary could tell you far more. grin

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Click on "Dictionary" above, and type in 'll', the dictionary will then 'auto-suggest' a few words. That will help you with words that start with 'll'.

For words that have 'll' in them. Why don't you try thumbing through your textbook in search of words with 'll' in them, or look at the glossary in the back of your book.

Another thing to do, would be, take a look at this page:


You won't be able to read it, but just scan through and you will see many words that have 'll' in the middle.

For "extra credit" then use the dictionary to find out what those words mean.

Hope that helps!

Good luck and have fun!

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