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There is this gospel Spanish song whose title is "Quest-Yo no quiero" and I am wondering what it means.

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I don´t want

but it could mean,I don´t love,it all depends on the context.

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Gus está correcto,

I do not want, o I don't

"I don't" is more casual.

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I don't want is most likely. but it depends how you use it.

Some people say i no want, but that would be incorrect grammar and sounds just plain weird.

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It's really hard to give an idiomatic translation of a title without knowing the content of the paragraph/song etc it describes. But possibilities could include:

  • "I don't want any"
  • "I'm not interested" / "I ain't interested"
  • "I don't want to" / "(I) don't wanna"
  • "That (etc) ain't for me" ...
  • etc....
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I believe that when you use the subject (yo) like this it means you are stressing that it is the "subject" who is involved and other people are inconsequential.

For example, if someone were to say "I want this," you might respond "well I don't want it." Stressing the "I' when speaking.

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The English verbs "want" and "like" among others are never used without another word after them. Quiero "I want" and "Me gusta" are fine in Spanish but in English you say "I want it" "I like it" or some other word instead of "it".

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