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If you know give me the proper spelling and English translation, please, but what does the phrase that sounds like "Moo cha cha" mean?

  • Guess what Moo cha cho is then. - ian-hill Sep 26, 2009 flag
  • hahahahahaha! Suave- - Cachai Sep 26, 2009 flag
  • Moo is a cow doing the cha cha - 0068e2f4 Nov 24, 2009 flag

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Hi Eric.

Muchacha is a girl.

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  • Even this Chinese man knows what moochacha is. - 0068e2f4 Nov 24, 2009 flag
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No, that was driving me crazy I didn't know what a Muchacha was. At least I do now, thanks alot everyone! grin

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That is another one to add to my list of names for people

Names for girls I know: chica, señorita, señora, muchacha, niña

Names for boys I know: chico, señor, muchacho, niño

  • Chamaca, Chamaco¨also means little girl or boy - Tamara-Van-H Sep 26, 2009 flag
  • Don´t forget ¨ruca¨¨ - 00769608 Sep 26, 2009 flag
  • In Spain they use 'tio' 'tia' also.. it's aunty/uncle but it's used for friends also - amyfreelance Sep 26, 2009 flag
  • i heard nena is another word for a girl when its guys talkin to each other about a chick - whatever54 Sep 27, 2009 flag
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'rü-kah; (noun) Etymology: Chicano Slang 1: a frequent or regular female companion in a romantic or sexual relationship. Who you trying to get freaky with ese, don't you know that's my Ruca?

A True love. Was first said by sublime in (waiting for my ruca) Which stated it meant girlfriend or True lover. Its meaning is different for each speaker. you are my only ruca

The above was taken from The Urban Diccionary

I came acros the word ruca in a Venezuela´s magazine about 50 years ago. I can´t remember the magazine name it was a childrens´magazine and it was entretaining.

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"muchacha" is very common in Mex. also "ruca" and yes just urban language.

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Also "vieja" is urban lenguage.

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