cual es la palabra correcta tragar o comer? | SpanishDict Answers
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los humanos comemos o tragamos>????

  • Posted Sep 25, 2009
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  • Pero tiene que haber una palabra correcta no las dos ..Los humanos tragamos ??? - dcastillo_8 Sep 25, 2009 flag

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El verbo tragar es lo contrario al verbo sorber. tragar = to gulp i.e take a good mouthful of drink. sorber = to sip. comer of course is to eat. tragar can also mean to sleep around so be careful how you use this verb

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Los dos son correctas.

Los humanos pueden comer y tragar.

Cuando una persona traga lo que significa que esa persona consume mucho.


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Just like in English we have two different words for "eat" and "swallow," so does Spanish.

Comer = to eat

Tragar = to swallow

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