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quiero saber el significado de narcisista.

  • Posted Sep 24, 2009
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I used to be married to one.

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Link to English definition below. Hope no one has called you this...

http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/narcissist rolleyes

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Cacu is a Romanian name. I don't know if it is a Spanish name or not. Romanian is the closest modern language to Latin so there probably is something like it in Spanish.

  • It's not from \Latin. It's from the Greek name Narcissus (as is the name of the flower). - samdie Oct 17, 2009 flag
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no sabes el significado en español? Es Igual, es k menos se la usa en ingles

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Amador de espejos!

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some one taht is full of vanity. Someone that loves himself more than anything in the world.

We all hae a litle of narcisim but it does not interfere with loving others. A true narcisist does not love anyone except himself.

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