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How would you say this in spanish? Muchas gracias!

  • Posted Sep 24, 2009
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3 Answers

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Mis padres acaban de llegar del aeropuerto. grin

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I think I will give it a shot. Mis padres vinieron hoy.

  • your sayind my parents came today, not the same as just arrived arrived from the air port. - kenwilliams Sep 24, 2009 flag
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To express just done something you can use the verb acabar + de + verb infinative for example acabamos de comer= we have just eaten. acabas de ganar el bote = you have just won the jackpot. acabo de contestar ese preguntar. = I have just answered this question. I don't think I would say it like that though I would say. Ya he contestado ese preguntar.

  • I think you meant "esa pregunta." - Deanski Oct 8, 2009 flag
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