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I've come across the word "ambular" about three times now and spanishdict doesn't have it in it's database. I also looked it up in my dictionary, wasn't there. Qué significa entonces?

  • Posted Sep 24, 2009
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He oído esos varias veces: un enciclopedia ambulante ( a walking encyclopedia, a person who knows a lot about whatever topic.) una farmacia ambulante ( a walking pharmacy, someone who carries a lot of medicine, band aids etc.) etc

  • thanks! Those are good ones - Cachai Sep 24, 2009 flag
  • Debe ser unA enciclopedia. :o Lo siento. - 003487d6 Sep 24, 2009 flag
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It's not listed on dictionary.com, and it also does not appear in my American Heritage Desk Dictionary.

What is the context in which you saw this word?

  • I'm reading El Principito (great book for vocab!) and one sentence said. . . "El geografo es desmasiado importante para ambular" I tried the translation engine too. Nada. - Cachai Sep 24, 2009 flag
  • Oh heck. I thought it was an English word! - Goyo Sep 24, 2009 flag
  • hahahaha! I won't tell anyone. ;) - Cachai Sep 24, 2009 flag
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(Del lat. ambulāre, pasear).

  1. intr. p. us. andar (‖ ir dando pasos).

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In English it is to amble or ambulate, of course. If you use the wildcard feature in our dictionary you will get all kinds of words derived from the common base. (e.g. ambulancia)

I'll have always thought it meant to stroll (dar un paseo, vagar).

  • That could be on the right track. The context that I'm reading it in isn't really clear in my mind with that translation. - Cachai Sep 24, 2009 flag
  • I take it back, vagar makes sense. - Cachai Sep 24, 2009 flag
  • I think that it caries the connotaion of wandering aimlessly. (erratically was what I think errar was going for) - - 0074b507 Sep 24, 2009 flag
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Ambular: errar (v), zanganear, trasladar

  • I'm not sure what zanganear means, but trasladar and errar have pretty distinct meanings. I'm not sure if I understand your answer. - Cachai Sep 24, 2009 flag
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This is one of the sentences I saw it in: El geógrafo es demasiado importante para ambular.

ambular intr. Andar, ir de un lado para otro. Es una voz poco usada. Meaning: 'The geographer is too important to be running back and forth." (waste his time)

  • Thank you! That's the answer I was looking for! I would vote you up but ummm. . . it was my answer. Thanks! - Cachai Sep 24, 2009 flag
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¡Hola!, Cachai:

See this entry in "WordMagic Translation Software":




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When all else fails with understanding a word, I look up the definition in Spanish.


ambular intr. p. us. Andar, ir de una parte a otra.

That dictionary is pretty useful. Plus, they have a nice little hangman game on the front page for a fun way to see random vocabulary words.

  • If you want a more authoritative source look it up online in the Real Academia Española (RAE) - Izanoni1 Sep 24, 2009 flag
  • How do you type an 'ñ' when typing in a word on that site? - Jason_Bryant Sep 24, 2009 flag
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