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I am writing an essay in my Spanish class about when I got pulled over for speeding. I used "billete" as ticket in my essay, but my teacher said that was wrong. How do you say "speeding ticket" in Spanish?

  • Posted Sep 23, 2009
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6 Answers

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"Multa por exceso de velocidad"

eg. Me dieron una multa de tráfico por exceso de velocidad.

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I like 'multa', not to be confused with 'malta' which tastes like blech!


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Honestly I didn't know the answer, but I took a look at the site translator and this is what it gave it me:

1.)boleto que apresura

2.)billete veloz

3.) Boleto de tráfico

After that I did an internet word search and found that Billete veloz was not correct. I would go with the first one, or the third which also came up in a similar manner could be used too.

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Carla has given you an excellent option, however if you live in Mexico somewhere near you will have to use boleto tráfico por exceso de velocidad

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Example: "Me pusieron una multa por exceso de velocidad."

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Multa por manejar sobre el límite de velocidad..

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