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nothing I can think of to add here

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I miss you, too.

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thanx smile

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I do believe you're supposed to try to translate these yourself first, a google search, or a search using this sites features probably would have helped.

First, the statement isn't written exactly as it should be.

"Te extraño también" is the proper form.

It means "I miss you also." Or, "as well," or "too," depends on the context.

For example, in English. "I miss you as well" would mean two different in things depending on if it was responding to "I miss you honey," or if the person is talking to two people and he says he misses one of them and the other person says "what about me?"

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I did attempt to translate this myself to no avail, hense the reason I posted the question here.....Thanx for your help

  • What I mean is, you're supposed to post your first attempt. - Fredbong Sep 22, 2009 flag
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