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I am trying to tell my friend in spain that I miss her. How could you properly say "Rocio, I miss you soooo much!!!" in spanish?

  • Posted Sep 18, 2009
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Te echo de menos is a fine way to say it.


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Te echo de menos can be used. Another way that I usually hear and use is...Te extraño.

It just depends on where you come from. The first way is used more in Spain as well as some other countries. The second is used in Mexico and a few other places.

  • I concur -' echo de menos' is what I hear on TVE (from Spain), but I heard 'te extraño' in a song from LA. - galsally Oct 18, 2010 flag
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Me haces falta is not I miss you.

It is more on the lines of I need you.

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  • Te extraño := I miss you (to friends/couples)

  • Te echo de menos := I miss you (more often to couples,gf/bf) If you tell this to a friend would think you are saying you've been thinking of her/him since you last talked with her/him. More stronger := Te echo mucho de menos.

  • I miss you a lot = Te extraño demasiado.
  • I miss you SO MUCH = Te extraño muchísimo.
  • I've been missing you = Te he estado extrañando. If you'd love to answer smth ur boy or girl ask you like:
  • (What have you been doing?) - Missing you... You can answer:
  • (¿Qué has estado haciendo?) - Extrañandote....

  • I missed you := Te extrañé (past)

  • I miss you := Te extraño (present)
  • missing you := Extrañandote (now at the moment)
  • I'm gonna miss you/I will miss you := Te echaré de menos/Te voy a extrañar. (future). Blessings.
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Nunca ha visto esto hasta ayer cuando mi pana Nikkis me lo enseno. Asi es. wink Ella sabe.

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Te extraño is what I have learned from Peruvians and Colombians. Another way is Me haces falta. Sounds like Te echo de menos is best in your particular situation since your friend is from Spain.

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To echo de menos es correcto pero te extrano es mas comun

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I think that te estraño is more common and less formal, and I've heard that more, but te echo de menos is fine. Of course native speakers are the ones that really know. Me haces falta means I need you.

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