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I want to know how to say annoying in spanish can you help me please?

  • Posted Sep 18, 2009
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9 Answers

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Eres tormentita. Eres diablita. Me da tormenta. Me causa dolor. Me duele. Me ponga las pelos de punta. That last one looks like a curse but it's not. It's you get on my nerves. Me haces loco. Me corres por la puente (You make me want to jump off a bridge).

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yes, annoying is either molestoso/a or you can say pesado/a molestoso is much more common but either will work

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I heard this one from Spain:

¡Qué fastidio! (what a nuisance)

  • fastidioso (es una palabra estándar) - a menos que sea otra palabra - QFour Nov 21, 2012 flag
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I looked it up in the dictionary and it said molesto

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They definitely say 'pesado' a lot in Spain, another one I've heard is 'plasta'. 'Pesado' changes to 'pesada' for girls, but 'plasta' stays the same.

'¡No seas pesado/plasta!' - Don't be annoying!

'¡Estas siendo pesado/plasta!' - You're being annoying!

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My wife uses "majadera" for things that annoy.

La gata es muy majadera.

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Su chismosa es molesta. (Her gossip is annoying.)

"Molestar" is a verb and the gerund is "molestando = annoying" But in this case I believe "annoying" is a adverb; so molesto(a) would be correct.

What do you guys think?

  • 'Annoying' here would actually be an adjective (a describing word), so molestoso sounds correct to me. The adverb (something that describes the way a verb is carried out) of 'annoying' would be 'annoyingly' (in Spanish: pesadamente, I think). - r1alford Sep 18, 2009 flag
  • I believe there are more than one way to say "annoying", considering there are regional variations between the countries, but the form " molesto/a" is correct, I believe - charles45546 Jul 12, 2014 flag
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esto perro es muy molestar

  • I think it would be better ' este perro es muy molestoso, because the word molestar is a verb and molestoso is who/ what molesta. en portugués seria: este cão/ cachorro é muito chato - charles45546 Jul 12, 2014 flag
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