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Under what circumstances would you say "como se llama" versus "como te llamas"

  • Posted Sep 17, 2009
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Hello and welcome to the forum. grin

In formal situations you'd ask ¿Cómo se llama?

In informal settings you'd say ¿Cómo te llamas?

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Como se llama is the formal version of the question. You'd say this to someone of seniority, or just to be polite and formal. Como te llamas is to ask informally, like someone your age who you wouldn't call "sir" or "ma'am." If you've learned the differences between Usted and Tu, Como se llama is for Usted, and Como te llamas is for Tu.

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I don't want to water a dead plant, just to give you a different perspective. The se llama is reserved for someone that is a complete stranger to you. You must show respecto a todos, a tu elders and to strangers. Bueno, you never ever refer to a desconocido como "tu" Always "su". Later, when la amistad es establicido, o esa otra persona se refere a ti como "tu", then it's ok to use la forma "tu". Tonces, se tu hables con persona de tu propio edad, a person on the playground o que sea, then it's ok to use la forma "tu". wink

  • Does "tonces" mean "entonces?" Your sentences are getting confusing. - --Mariana-- Sep 20, 2009 flag
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Eso es smile

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