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In Mexico and in Texas, my parents don't say "amigo" nor "amiga" ("friend"), but uses "compadre" and "comadre". What does those words replaces "amigo" and "amiga"? And don't I know the meaning of those words.

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Compadre is closer than a friend. It literally means co-parent or god parent. Traditionally it is someone who sponsors someone at a baptism or a quinceañera but it is not limited to such formal settings. Comadre is the feminine counterpart.

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It's supossed that "los padrinos" would take care of the children's "compadres" just in case the parents might die, or "los padrinos" would help that family in case of poverty. Nowdays most of people in big cities just try to find someone who cover many bills about food, beers, the cake, etc. so the parents try to get as many "padrinos" as possible.

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