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Where can I find a list of Spanish pronouns with gender and case along with English translations?

  • Posted Sep 14, 2009
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Hi, Krafty. Welcome to the forum. grin

Here's a link that has lessons on Spanish pronouns.

  • Many thanks. I found some help just by exploring SpanishDict which I should have done fiirst thing! - Krafty Sep 14, 2009 flag
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In general however, el, la, los/las works for him, her, them respectively.

  • Thank you. You can see that I am a green "verde" beginner! - Krafty Sep 14, 2009 flag
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Additionally, you have:

Direct Object Pronouns

me (me) te (you-familiar) lo, la (him, her, it, you-formal)

nos (us) os (you-all-familiar) los, las (them, you-all-formal)

Indirect Object Pronouns me (me) te (you-familiar) le (him, her, you-formal)

nos (us) os (you-all-familiar) les (them, you-all-formal)

When you use an indirect + direct together, le lo = se lo le la = se la le los = se los le las = se las les lo = se lo les la = se la les los = se los les las = se las

Possessive mi - mis tu - tus su - sus

nuestro - nuestra - nuesros - nuestras vuestro - vuestra - vuestras - vuestros

mio, mia, tuyo, tuya, suyo, suya

Relative que - quien - lo que - cuyo - el que

  • Thank you. Very good. I will copy and print your response! - Krafty Sep 14, 2009 flag
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