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i want to know what spanish words beggin with the letter....k???

  • Posted Sep 14, 2009
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  • ...begin...(only one "g")...and Spanish (in English, we capitalize the names of languages. I do not think that they are capitalized in Spanish, though. - Janice Sep 14, 2009 flag

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Hi, Spanishgrl. Welcome to the forum.

You can put in K* into the online dictionary and it will bring up words beginning with the letter "k."

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Not too many ...only one page full in my Gran Diccionario Oxford....and I think that the words are all of foreign origin. "kurdo" is one for Kurd, for example, "kiwi", "koala" and even "K.O." for "knocked out"grin

But you might find it useful to know that you can go to the dictionary site here at Span¡shD!ct.com to look up a word and just type "k" to see what words the dictionary suggests. Try it. You can then type in a second letter (obviously you must choose one of the second letters that appears) and so on. Oh yes, "kimona", "kilt", and even "KGB" are listed in my own dictionary.

  • With the dictionary's new Wildcard feature you can type in k* and it will bring up words starting with the letter "k." - --Mariana-- Sep 14, 2009 flag
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  • kilometrar (for an example verb) kilometros - 0074b507 Sep 14, 2009 flag
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