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How do you say "stop" in spanish?

  • Posted Sep 13, 2009
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7 Answers

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  • You'll need to provide some context if you want something other than the command to "stop." - --Mariana-- Sep 13, 2009 flag
  • Alto? I think thar means tall, para means stop. - kenwilliams Sep 13, 2009 flag
  • It also means "Halt", Ken. - Goyo Sep 13, 2009 flag
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Hi Majones

These single worded questions serve no purpose. Questions must contain some context. Which "stop" are you referring to

Bus stop, full stop, stop abusing, stop a leak, stop in music, stop a bullet, stop as in prevent, stop doing something, stop watch, stop off, stop out, need I go on? Please, please, please in future provide some context.

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Well if you are a girl just say just the word no and a slap to the face of the impudent male. If you are a boy; Boy ! you are in big trouble.

  • Exactly my point Gus, another kind of stop. - Eddy Sep 13, 2009 flag
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I've heard the word ¡Para! from the verb parar--to stop. I agree with Eddy, there are other phrases or contexual statements that could apply with other words. smile

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Have a look here to see if it answers your question.


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Try typing in the word "stop" in the translation section of this website, and translate from english to spanish.

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Depends on the situation but para is the informal command form of stop, while pare is the formal command of stop. For like stop signs (on the road) you will always see alto

If you want to tell someone to stop doing something, you would use the verb dejar For example: dejame solo or dejame hablar (leave me alone, let me talk)

  • Once again, context. - Eddy Sep 13, 2009 flag
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