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what does cholo mean

  • Posted Sep 12, 2009
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Sorry for the misleading information.

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I'm a guerita in North Hollywood, California, United States. I know there is a community of "cholos" in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, but don't understand exactly how and when the term is used (although I have seen many cholos who are street tough, tatooed and very attractive, and I associate their culture with violence.) This morning I asked a Latina what it means. She said she dated a cholo when in her 20s, and it means is a man in a gang. He can be white or Latino or black. Go to Wikipedia and search "cholo" for more interesting information. Also go to Google and type in "cholo culture".

  • This be the meaning i'm most familiar with. - DJ_Huero May 23, 2011 flag
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I believe it is slang refering to the particular dress of the Low-Rider group of California.

  • Check out the definition of cholo on urbandictionary.com, which I think is pretty good - carolynalcot Sep 12, 2009 flag
  • Not really, but there are alot of cholos who have Lowriders. =) - DJ_Huero May 23, 2011 flag
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A "cholo" is a gangster. Take it from someone who knows...

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In Bolivia a "cholo" is an Andean Indian person.

A cholita is used for a female.

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A near spelling of that word, which I'm not telling you, is slang for the hind parts. Another near spelling of that word is sausage. But I've never seen that word as it's spelled here. Are you sure you have it right? wink

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All of the earlier answers except for victory92's are right concerning certain meanings in certain places/cultures. You really should look it up on the sites mentioned.

In Peru it is used in a pejorative manner to refer to indigenous people as well as in an affectionate manner, for example, with one's children. The Peruvian couple that lived with us (like other Peruvians I know) addressed their toddler-aged son as "Cholito."

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For Mexicans, Cholos are a counter-culture group comprised of Chicanos from the U.S. and have their own style of dress, music, and slang. They are often associated with gangsters, or "gangas."

  • Hello,First of all,Cholo might be ethnic group or gang name,also meaning of a low individual; now then,how about a nickname;have you people,ever thought of that? 'Cause my "nick" happens to be "Cholo",it's not my fault,does it mean I'm all that?Come on. - mxgccd787 Jul 22, 2013 flag
  • Also my son's nick's also Cholo.As a matter of fact,We like our "nick" and we're not at all near the definition of the name Cholo.I'm caucasian,also my son is. Thanks for readind.God bless - mxgccd787 Jul 22, 2013 flag
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