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i mean just in case you ask someone

  • Posted Sep 11, 2009
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Yo quisera casarse contigo. Quisiera hacer el matrimonio contigo.

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I noticed that you said "I would like to marry you," instead of saying "Will you marry me" in Spanish.

Is that the more correct / more common way to express a proposal of marriage?

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Ummm....personal style, I think. I learned from a certain group of people that speak in certain way. Other groups would phrase the question in a different way. But for real...if you drop down on your knee with a big enough diamond...I don't think it'd matter what phrasing you used! But in all seriousness, spanish is just weird. Sometimes thing are moving in one direction, at other times, it moves in the other direction. For example...when I say in spanish "I like that" what I really say is "That likes me." So I don't really know, cielo. That's just how I'd say it.

  • I'm asking because in English, at least in the U.S., the expression to propose marriage is "Will you marry me?" rather than "I want to marry you." - --Mariana-- Sep 11, 2009 flag
  • Of couse, it can be said any way someone wants; however, I'm just talking popular and most common phrases. - --Mariana-- Sep 11, 2009 flag
  • Well...it's just a personal style thing. People, in their language, not only carry words, but they carry the region that they come from, thier socioeconomic staus, etc. If I asked to jump the broom with me...you'd know what I'm asking. - ChamacoMalo Sep 11, 2009 flag
  • But you'd also know where I'm from, where my parents are from, my status, etc. - ChamacoMalo Sep 11, 2009 flag
  • Thanks, I understand it a bit better now. - --Mariana-- Sep 11, 2009 flag
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