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¿Cómo se dice "I want you to be my boyfriend" en español? O "I want to be your girlfriend en español? cool grin cool grin

  • Yeah, it means how do you say i want you to be my boyfriend in spanish? - sarahjs Sep 10, 2009 flag
  • Opps sorry I accedently deleted my post! wrong thread! :( ok thanks anyway! - Koalasan Sep 10, 2009 flag
  • You"re welcome :) - sarahjs Sep 10, 2009 flag
  • Great post, Sarah, I voted you up for excellent spelling and punctuation! One small correction: You need an accent on "cómo." - --Mariana-- Sep 10, 2009 flag
  • Ohh yes I voted her to, I done that when I first saw it! lol - Koalasan Sep 10, 2009 flag

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Haha, now I will know what this means if a girl asks me this!

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Quiero que seas mi novio. (make sure that he knows that you mean boytoy, er, boyfriend, as that could be construed as a marriage proposal).

  • Oh wow haha!! - sarahjs Sep 10, 2009 flag
  • :) - Koalasan Sep 10, 2009 flag
  • You might want to take notice that qfreed (correctly) placed the verb ser in the subjunctive mood because "quiero que" was an expression of a wish - Izanoni1 Sep 10, 2009 flag
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"seas" is the present tense of the subjunctive mood. Using the subjunctive says something like "I wish you were my girl friend" instead of "You are my girl friend." It's a way to talk about something that isn't necessarily true yet.

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Oh my goodness...I feel as if I've learned a full lesson on this subject.

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Quiero que tú ser mi novio.

  • Quiero ser tu novia. - 0074b507 Sep 10, 2009 flag
  • You must have a que after your quiero...Quiero [que] tú... because of the subject change. - 0074b507 Sep 10, 2009 flag
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Haha smile That's really funny!

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Ohhh never mind I didn't see your answer there...I had to edit the question "why do you put que after quiero.

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Quiero que...different subject

I want you to be...

quiero que seas....

Quiero+verb, same subject

Quiero ser tu novia. I want to be your girl.

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Quisera ser lo tuyo. Me gusta andar contigo. In that sense of andar contigo, that's a real big context thing. If we were talking about where our relationship goes from here y tu mi digas a me, yo quiero andar contigo, I would hear it as "I want to go with you" or I want to be your romantic interest.

  • yes, true, in Spain we say: quiero salir contigo :) - 00494d19 Sep 11, 2009 flag
  • y tú me digas a mí -come on, this is a grammar forum, after all. - 0074b507 Sep 11, 2009 flag
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Thank you Heidita, as I am really trying to get my grammar better tongue wink

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Okay, another question...what does "seas" mean? It's in gfreed's answer

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what does "seas" mean

Seas is subjunctive of the verb to be.

Quiero que is always followed by subjunctive.

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So that would mean it's a form of the verb "ser" right?

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In what tense is "seas" in?

  • "Subjunctive" is a "mood". The tense for this word in the subjunctive mood is "present". Seas is present tense, subjunctive mood. (I think..well, I will check and delete this comment if wrong.) - Janice Sep 11, 2009 flag
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Hi Zack!!

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