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Is there a spanish word that starts with a W?

  • Posted Sep 10, 2009
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Hello there. Interestingly, there are no actual Spanish words that begin with the letter "W". However, there are a few words used in Spanish that begin with "w", but they are words borrowed from other languages, often English. For example, "winsurf", "walkman" and "western". I hope that answers your question. smile

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No, I'mma stop playing. I know a good word that starts with "w". It's "Well, Heidita don't let us do people's homework."

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I have looked everywhere and could not find anything to start with a W is it spelled with a w in spanish? I am in 6th grade and just take Spanish for the time my Mom is trying to help but has not been successful it is the last letter that I have to find

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Whisky. I guess if you are doing homework you shouldn't be learning this word though.

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Most Spanish words that begin with W are just modified spellings of foreign words to aid in their pronunciation.

You could look up words like:

whisky which is the Spanish spelling of whiskey. Notice that Spanish drops the "e" because the diphthong in Spanish would change to pronunciation from English.

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Okay, I just had to look this one up in my Spanish (with no English) dictionary. Here is an interesting word I found:

wáter = Es otra forma de escribir: váter.

váter = Recipiente donde las personas hacen sus necesidades. El váter tiene un depósito de agua y está conectado a una tubería de desagüe, de modo que se puede limpiar cada vez que se utiliza. También ese escribe: wáter.

There are only 6 other words beginning with "w" in my dictionary:

walkie-talkie, walkman, waterpolo, western, whisky, and winsurf.

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Well as long as y'all are giving homework answers, you left off "wafleta".

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  • My translator says it's "waflera" - Alicia-53 Sep 10, 2009 flag
  • It also shows waffle is "el wafle" - Alicia-53 Sep 10, 2009 flag
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wampa [wam-pa] f Mex (ciénaga): swamp

Buena suerte! excaim

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