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I wanted to know what it meant.

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Before you throw it into the translator, you'd better spell it correctly:

¿Cómo está usted?

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I believe it means "how are you". Como means how and usted means you. BUT usted means you and is the formal way of saying "you". Tú is is the informal way of saying "you". The verb estar means "to be". There are different forms of this verb. For example "como estas?", is asking ONE person how they are. The person could respond, " Yo estoy bien or yo estoy feliz, or yo estoy cansado." I am good, I am happy, I am tired. to ask how more than one person is doing, like a class, they would say,"como estan?" How are all of you. By saying," como esta usted?" They were asking it formally..formally could mean they didn't know you, or they were asking a more older respected person. once you respond "estoy bien" or however your feeling you could say ¿y tú?, which means "and you"..and they would respond back with how they are feeling or how they are doing. "estoy terible" (I am horrible.) I hope this helps sorry for not putting the thingys over everything it takes to much time.

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kenwilliams you aren't right neither wrong, i dont wanna be pretentious is just that "cómo estáis?" is mostly used at Spain, and yes ("cómo estan?") does mean how are you all, if you go to any Latin country nobody there would say "cómo estáis?". "estan" is a plural form so if you are in front of 2+ persons you can feel free to say "como estan?" because it isn't grammatically wrong because if you say "cómo estan?" you are asking to the people close to you, if you are talking about different persons that aren't close to you or maybe they are in another place, you must specify it saying ("cómo estan ELLOS?") cause if you do not do that, people aren't going to know about who are you talking about.

Disculpen si mi inglés no es muy bueno, soy colombiano, el inglés no es mi lengua nativa.

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Ahhhh... I see.... Is this what you need?



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Hi Melanie

It means "how are you" singular formal. How are you plural formal would be "cómo están ustedes".

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Es "How are you"?

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Melanierose ¿cómo estan? does not mean how are you all it means how are they? to ask how are you all you would say: ¿Cómo estáis?

  • Están is "they are" or "you all are" (formal you plural, i.e., Ustedes) - webdunce Oct 4, 2009 flag
  • Agreed but this is not used in Spain they use vosotros form however perhaps I should conceed as speaking spanish is not just about speaking it in Spain. - kenwilliams Oct 4, 2009 flag
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