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que significa what is it

The title may be:

"Qué significa" What is it?

Without punctuation the question is totally ambiguous.

  • If you would list your native tonue on your profile page we would know what you're asking? - 0074b507 Sep 9, 2009 flag

2 Answers

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¿Qué es? o ¿Cuál es? depende en el contexto

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Qué significa means "What does it mean?"

So if you don't understand a word, you can say "Qué significa la palabra ___?" or "What does ___ mean?"

  • Oh, then the title is "Qué significa" What is it? I wish people would learn to punctuate. - 0074b507 Sep 9, 2009 flag
  • Could say ¿cómo se dice table en español? how do you say table in spanish? se dice mesa. - kenwilliams Sep 9, 2009 flag
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