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I was wondering what vosotros was. I know its a form of conjugation, but what does it mean? My teacher said not to worry about it because not many people used it or something like that and we'd do it later, but I was wondering if someone could please explain it to me.

Thank you.

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Is is simply the plural "you all" of the informal construction. (2nd person, plural, informal)

In other words when you are speaking informally it is you when the you is more than one person. This form is used mostly in Spain.

In Latin America they use the formal "you all" when speaking either formally or informally. (2nd person, plural, formal)

Note: why this get's confusing to beginners is because the 2nd person, formal uses 3rd person verb endings, but that just a construction rule like using the subjunctive verb endings to form imperative commands.

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"Vosotros(as)" means "you all" (2nd plural, informal pronoun.) Now, to say that many people don't use it, is kind of mistaken most of the time. "Vosotros" is mostly used in Spain (4 million people), but it is used rarely in Latin America, only in special occasions, like mass, Christian sermons, formal speeches or even the Spanish people living in Latin America use it.

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