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I'm looking for ways to say "I'm looking forward to x". A friend told me to use "Disfruto pensando en", for example, "Disfruto pensando en el finde" to mean "I'm looking forward to the weekend".

Is this a good way to say it? I just wanted to check, since it's something I find myself wanting to say a lot but it sounds strange to me because in my head I'm translating it to English ("I enjoy thinking about...").

Can anyone recommend other ways of saying what you're looking forward to?

Any help much appreciated, Rangi

  • Posted Sep 8, 2009
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4 Answers

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Estoy de esperar de los fines de semana.

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Well here are a few but which is more colloquial I will leave to the native speakers.

To look forward to

Esperar con ansia, esperar con impaciencia.

However, with more context this can change, for example,

We are looking forward to the journey, el viaje nos hace mucha ilusión

I am really looking forward to the holidays, estoy deseando que lleguen las vacciones.

  • I think you mean: "vacaciones." The translator did not come with a word for "vacciones." - Vitt Sep 8, 2009 flag
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I like 'Tener ganas de ...'.

Tengo ganas de verte

I'm looking forward to seeing you

Tengo ganas de leer el periódico

I'm looking forward to reading the newspaper

  • yes but I think this is more to feel like doing something now rather than looking forward to something in the near or distant future for example: Tengo ganas a salir= I feel like going out - kenwilliams Sep 8, 2009 flag
  • I would agree with you on that, but I think when you use "de" instead of "a" like Martyn used. . . that it's more refering to "I'm looking forward to". That's just my initial thought but I'm not sure! - Cachai Sep 8, 2009 flag
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Thanks for the answers guys, I'm going to put these into practice.

One last question - what do you think the most common way of saying "I'm looking forward to the weekend" is in Spain? It's something I find myself wanting to say quite often!

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