Separador de sílabas/programme which seperates words into sillables | SpanishDict Answers
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I have just come across this very easy to use programme to seperate words in Spanish into sillables. I think it is useful for pronounciation.

Separar en sílabas

  • Posted Sep 7, 2009
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  • This is great! Thank you! - Alicia-53 Sep 7, 2009 flag
  • "separate" not "seperate". Actually I remember this because I know the spelling in Spanish. A very common error in English, if that's any consolation. - samdie Sep 7, 2009 flag
  • "syllables" is the correct spelling - Juan60 Sep 7, 2009 flag

2 Answers

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This is great. Thank you.

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This is fabulous...thanks, Heidi!

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