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How would you say, "I need to update my résumé before I can apply for the job?"

If the job-seeking process in Spanish speaking countries is different from in the U.S., e.g. if there is no résumé , I'd be interested to know...or just mention that to me briefly and I'll add a corresponding question to the Culture Forum (or otherwise direct me appropriately).

  • Posted Sep 6, 2009
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2 Answers

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Necesito actualizar mi CV antes de postular al trabajo.

CV stands for "Curriculum Vitae".

  • Woud it be more exact to say "Necesito actualizar mi CV antes de pueda postular al trabajo." ? - arnold3 Sep 9, 2009 flag
  • Sure, but changing "pueda" by "poder" or inserting "que" between "de" and "pueda"... - Carlos-F Sep 10, 2009 flag
  • WElcome back Carlos I havent seen you post for a long time and I miss your translation exercises :) - FELIZ77 Apr 20, 2011 flag
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Necesito poner al día mi résumé antes de que pueda solicitar el trabajo.

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