Does anyone know a poisonous insect with legs like a spider and the color red with possible green lives in the mountains of Honduras. If it bites you, your chances of dying are high. Than name I was given in can-sapulga. The spelling could be way off. I would like to know what it is in English if possible.

  • Posted Sep 5, 2009
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I got the guy:

CASAMPULGA. f. Amér. Central. Araña venenosa, de abdomen rojo. Latrodectus curassaviensis, latrodéctido.alt text

  • Sep 5, 2009
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  • Thank you sooooo much! My boyfriend says that is it! - mandyg5 Sep 5, 2009
  • That looks very "black-widowerish"...I wonder if they are related. - webdunce Sep 5, 2009
  • It appears that "Latrodectus" is used as the genus name for the widow-type spiders...so I believe it is a widow spider. - webdunce Sep 5, 2009
  • Always glad to help :) - 00494d19 Sep 5, 2009
  • Good job finding it, by the way, Heidita. I was trying but gave up. :) - webdunce Sep 5, 2009


Hi Mandy, is this the guy?

Red Legged Purseweb spider

Welcome to the forum smile

  • Sep 5, 2009
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  • Thank you. I don't think it is actually a spider though and it's body is red too. - mandyg5 Sep 5, 2009
  • yes, no it is not the one, and yes, it is a spider all right, I found the guy:) - 00494d19 Sep 5, 2009