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What's the difference between these two words? Thanks. grin

  • Posted Sep 4, 2009
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7 Answers

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My dictionary shows:

Without the accent:

cuanto (adverb) = as much as - Example: Come cuanto puedas. Eat as much as you can.

cuanto antes = as soon as possible

en cuanto = as soon as

en cuanto a = as for, as regards

cuanto (adjective) = as many, whatever - Example: Llévate cuantas flores quieras. Take as many flowers as you wish.

With the accent:

cuánto (adverb) = how much, how many - Example: No sé cuánto desean. I don't know how much they want.

cuánto (adjective) = how much, how many - Example: ¿Cuántos niños tiene? How many children do you have?

cuánto (pronoun) = how much, how many - Example: ¿Cuántos quieren participar? How many want to take part?

Who knew there were so many definitions? I sure didn't. Thanks for the question!

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I can't think of any reason why that shouldn't be ¿Cuánto...; not ¿Cuanto...

There is no reason, cuanto should have an accent here.

izabela, any kind of question has an accent, even this one which is an indirect question.

No se cuánto tiempo duró el curso.

Sorry, zhou, your book has a typo, I guess this is a typo.

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HI zhou, we use the accented word when it is a question.

Can you supply a couple of sentences?

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  • ¡Qué sorpresa! ¡Cuánto tiempo sin verte! ¿Dónde te metiste?
  • Fui a Madrid a estudiar; me dieron una beca.
  • ¡Suerte tuviste! ¿Cuanto tiempo duró el curso?

This is the conversation in my textbook.

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I understand the first sentence where Cuánto is used exactly like the Qué is: as an adjective in an exclamation; "What a surprise" "How long a time", but I don't understand the 2nd example.

I can't think of any reason why that shouldn't be ¿Cuánto...; not ¿Cuanto...

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I've looked for similar examples and found mostly "¡Cuanto tiempo sin verte!"

But this one is a question, isn't it?

¡Suerte tuviste! ¿Cuánto tiempo duró el curso?

No se cuanto tiempo duró el curso.

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i didn't know that cuanto could go without an accent actually smile

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